Hi there!

I have all my 6 and 5 champions equipped with  Adept + any other gear set, but I see this composition a bit boring since its getting repeated the same sets again, again and again
I want to introduce some champions with the  Dazzling but all my test has been failed since champions tested got better results with Adept than Dazzling , some of my tests are:

Light Valkyrie (Sigrun)
Dazzling : Thunderstorm has a great chance to Stun the enemy but damage gets decreased and champion turn useless while Thunderstorm is on cooldown
Adept : Damage gets greatly increased since champion can spam all skills

Light Archangel (Vael'or)
Dazzling : Same as Light Valkyrie (Sigrun) ,  great chance to Stun but Shield and  Silence   gets reduced
Adept : With this set champion puts Silence "semi" permanent, something useful on ultimate blitz and  Shield has reduces damage given

Fire Dragon Guard (Monument)
Dazzling : Same as Light Archangel (Vael'or) but with less chance to  Stun the enemy :/
Adept : With this set  champion puts Raise Def permanent (100% of time, buff is active, included if champion gets stunned)

So, anyone know a good champion ( Dark Dryad (Violet) excluded) where  Dazzling gets more useful than Adept ?

Thanks in advance!

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