Hello Guys,

Sorry this might be a long post so sorry in-advance.

First i'm a new player just a couple of days into this game and i want to progress into end game (when i get there). So i read a lot of guides and made tons of online search but i still lacking some knowledge.

Fist: i'm currently just following my mission objectives (on chapter 14) and i feel like i'm doing ok for the content i'm currently doing faced some issues in some scenarios but nothing major till now.

Here is my current team: Water Spearman (Feng Xian) Nature Valkyrie (Rota) Water Boon Sister (Celestine) , Nature Pirate (Kendrick) and for doing bosses i just fill with  Nature Fairy (Wink) .

All my current champions are max level 4.

Other champions that i think useful but in process of leveling them are  Water Basilisk (Garai) Water Crow Hag (Wrona) , Nature Grublin Shaman (Mojo) Fire Dragon Guard (Monument) Fire Magical Girl (Katsuko) Nature Candy Munchkin (Peppermint) .

Up till now i have no idea if my current team is good or not i'm just trying to keep up with my missions.

So my many questions are: Is my current team can handle doing raid bosses at least up to 5-7 for dragon and/or stage 5 for steel widow. if not then which of my other characters should i focus on for that content ?

I would like to know what is the best way to spend my gems on i'm a free player i got about 900 gems now ?

i know that Rota is a grate champion so should i "ascend" her now or wait till i get a mission to do that ?

I just attempted the steel widow first stage and i just failed ? any idea what to do here ?

I got tons of other questions but i wanted to keep my post as small as possible cause i know ppl might be busy and i don't waste their time. Also if you can't reply on this post or hate typing i can join you on discord or any other communication to discuss it. i would love to hang out with new people and make new friends.

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